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Structural Dynamics in Practice : A Guide for Professional Engineers

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Title: Structural Dynamics in Practice : A Guide for Professional Engineers
Author: Arthur Bolton
ISBN: 0077078136 / 9780077078133
Format: Hard Cover
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1994
Availability: In Stock
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Structural Dynamics in Practice shows how basic structural theory and design methods in everyday use for static design, can be applied eqully well to dynamic load cases with little modification, thereby saving both time and money.
The first three chapters provide the basic information for later work and explain the fundamental principles of structural vibration, as well as typical sources of dynamic excitation. In addition, the buman response to vibration and the enormous influence it can have on structures is thoroughly explored. The book contniues with simple methods of calculating the natural frequencies of structures using moment distribution or slope deflection and tables of dynamic stiffness. These are then extended to large structures using powerful type solutions.

The final chapter demonstrates how to design suitable structures for dynamic loads in a way fully compatible with design for static forces. Every dynamic calculation is firmly linked with its static counterpart and the book shows that both kinds of loading can be dealt with in a single procedure.

An invaluable reference source for all engineers involved in the design, checking or supervision of structures, Structural Dynamics in Practice will help designers find the simplest and cheapest way of avoiding resonance entirely, if this is possible, or at least reducing its effect to mangeable proportions.

  • A practical approach avoiding complex mathematics
  • Details of the range and size of structures which can be solved by simple hand or spreadsheet calculations
  • How dynamic loading can be incorporated into the standard routine of any design office.


Chapter 1 : Basic Information
Chapter 2 : Sources of Dynamic Excitation
Chapter 3 : Human Reaction and Response to Vibration
Chapter 4 : Slope Deflection and Moment Distribution Modified for Dynamic Loads
Chapter 5 : The Use of Type Solutions-Patterns of Moments and Forces
Chapter 6 : The Calculation of Approximate Natural Frequencies for Continuous Structures
Chapter 7 : Natural Frequencies of Triangulated Structures
Chapter 8 : The Influence of Axial Loads on Natural Frequencies
Chapter 9 : Structures Without Obvious Node Points
Chapter 10 : Initial Design for Dynamic Forces

Appendix 1 : The Dynamic Magnifier
Appendix 2 : The Dynamic Functions
Appendix 3 : Stiffness and Carry-Over Coefficients for Axially Loaded Member
Appednix 4 : Damped Vibrations
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