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Turbo-Machinery Dynamics : Design and Operation

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Title: Turbo-Machinery Dynamics : Design and Operation
Author: A. S. Rangwala
ISBN: 0071453695 / 9780071453691
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 535
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2005
Availability: Out of Stock
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This comprehensive text presents a detailed treatment of design, development, and operation of turbo-machinery. Starting with the fundamentals of thermodynamics and cycle design, and ending with the latest trends in development and production of many different types of turbo-machines, the author provides in-depth methods for analyzing new design procedures and maximizing structural integrity and operating efficiency that will assist in the design and analysis of even more powerful and efficient turbo-machinery.

Lists of Symbols

Part 1 : Applications
Chapter 1 : Advanced Turbine Technology
Chapter 2 : Aircraft Power Plant
Chapter 3 : Industrial Gas and Steam Turbines
Chapter 4 : Derivative Engines for Marine and Industrial Use
Chapter 5 : Diesel and Automotive Engine Turbochargers

Part 2 : Component Design
Chapter 6 : Fan and Compressor Airfoils
Chapter 7 : Impeller and Bladed Disk
Chapter 8 : Turbine Blade and Vane
Chapter 9 : Combustion System
Chapter 10 : Bearings and Seals

Part 3 : Materials and Manufacture
Chapter 11 : Superalloys for Turbines
Chapter 12 : Manufacturing Methods


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