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The Six Sigma Handbook, 5th Edition (Indian Edition)

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Title: The Six Sigma Handbook, 5th Edition (Indian Edition)
Author: Paul Keller, Thomas Pyzdek
ISBN: 9354601960 / 9789354601965
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 720
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2021
Availability: In Stock
Special Indian Edition
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The most important reference to Six Sigma—fully updated for the latest Techniques

Thoroughly revised for current advances, this industry-standard guide shows, step by step, how to use Six Sigma to vastly improve processes, profitability, sustainability, and long-term growth at organizations of all sizes. Throughout, examples and illustrations have been enhanced and brought up to date. The book includes coverage of the recently released Minitab 18.

Written by two of the foremost authorities in the field, Six Sigma Handbook, Fifth Edition delivers all of the guidance needed to successfully implement Six Sigma. Readers will get full details on cutting-edge lean and change management principles and techniques. The book shows how to build the best teams and foster effective leadership while maximizing customer satisfaction and boosting profits.

1.) Features examples and online quizzes that help prepare for Six Sigma certification

2.) Covers Minitab, Excel, and other current problem-solving software

3.) Written by a pair of authors acknowledged globally as the top six sigma thought Leaders


Part I : Six Sigma Implementation and Management
Chapter 1 :
Building the Responsive Six Sigma Organization
Chapter 2 : Recognizing and Capitalizing on Opportunity
Chapter 3 : Data-Driven Management
Chapter 4 : Maximizing Resources

Part II : Six Sigma Tools and Techniques
Chapter 5 :
Project Management using DMAIC and DMADV
Chapter 6 : The Define Phase
Chapter 7 : The Measure Phase
Chapter 8 : Process Behavior Charts
Chapter 9 : Measurement Systems Evaluation
Chapter 10 : Analyze Phase
Chapter 11 : The Improve/Design Phase
Chapter 12 : Control/Verify Phase

Appendix 1 : Glossary of Basic Statistical Terms
Appendix 2 : Area Under the Standard Normal Curve
Appendix 3 : Critical Values of the t-Distribution
Appendix 4 : Chi-Square Distribtion
Appendix 5 : F Distribution (α = 1%)
Appendix 6 : F Distribution (α = 5%)
Appendix 7 : Poisson Probability Sums
Appendix 8 : Tolerance Interval Factors
Appendix 9 : Control Chart Constants
Appendix 10 : Control Chart Equations
Appendix 11 : Table of d2* Values
Appendix 12 : Factors for Short Run Control Charts for Individuals, X, and R Charts
Appendix 13 : Sample Customer Survey
Appendix 14 : Process Sigma Levels and Equivalent PPM Quality Levels
Appendix 15 : Black Belt Effectiveness Certification
Appendix 16 : Green Belt Effectiveness Certification
Appendix 17 : AHP Using Microsoft Excel

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