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Susan E. M. Selke

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Understanding Plastics Packaging Technology

Author: Susan E. M. Selke
ISBN: 1569902348 / 9781569902349
Year: 1997
Availability: 15-30 days
The manufacture and use of various packaging forms is explained in this book, including films and flexible packaging, thermoformed, injection and blow molded containers, and packaging foams. The tex...
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Plastics Packaging : Properties, Processing, Applications, and Regulations, 3rd Edition

Author: John D. Culter, Susan E. M. Selke
ISBN: 156990443X / 9781569904435
Year: 2016
Availability: 15-30 days
Plastic materials continue to play a vital and growing role in packaging applications. It is thus more important than ever that all involved in the packaging industry command a basic understanding o...
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