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Structural Renovation of Buildings : Methods, Details, & Design Examples

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Title: Structural Renovation of Buildings : Methods, Details, & Design Examples
Author: Alexander Newman
ISBN: 0070471622 / 9780070471627
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 688
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2001
Availability: 15-30 days
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Make any renovation job go smoother. Building renovation, conservation and reuse represents more than half of all construction work - and is projected to increase to 80% by 2004. Structural Renovation of Buildings, by Alexander Newman, puts a single, convenient source of information about all aspects of structural renovation and strengthening of buildings at your fingertips. While its focus is largely on low and midrise buildings, you can apply the principles it clarifies to buildings of any size - steel-framed, masonry, or wood. Whether you're repairing deteriorated concrete...rehabilitating slabs on grade...strengthening lateral-load resisting systems...renovating a building facade...handling seismic upgrades or fire damage, you'll find this time-and-trouble-saving guide loaded with practical tips, methods, and design examples. It's also heavily illustrated with autoCAD generated details, supplier illustrations of materials, procedural techniques, and much, much more.


Chapter 1 : The Challenge of Renovation
Chapter 2 : Investigating Existing Conditions
Chapter 3 : Renovating Steel Framed Buildings
Chapter 4 : Strengthing Concrete Buildings
Chapter 5 : RePairing Deteriorated Concrete
Chapter 6 : Renovating Slabs on Grade
Chapter 7 : Renovating Post-Tensioned Concrete
Chapter 8 : Renovating Wood Structures
Chapter 9 : Renovating Masonry
Chapter 10 : Renovating Metal Building Systems
Chapter 11 : Strenthening Lateral Load Resisting Systems
Chapter 12 : Case Studies in Seismic Upgrading
Chapter 13 : Renovating Building Facades


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