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Steel Structures Design for Lateral and Vertical Forces, 2nd Edition

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Title: Steel Structures Design for Lateral and Vertical Forces, 2nd Edition
Author: Alan Williams
ISBN: 1259588017 / 9781259588013
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 688
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2016
Availability: 15-30 days
  • Description

A Thoroughly Updated Guide to the Design of Steel Structures

This comprehensive resource offers practical coverage of steel structures design and clearly explains the provisions of the 2015 International Building Code, the American Society of Civil Engineers ASCE 7-10, and the American Institute of Steel Construction AISC 360-10 and AISC 341-10. Steel Structures Design for Lateral and Vertical Forces, Second Edition, features start-to-finish engineering strategies that encompass the entire range of steel building materials, members, and loads. All techniques strictly conform to the latest ­codes and specifications. A brand new chapter on the design of steel structures for lateral loads explains design techniques and innovations in concentrically and eccentrically braced frames and moment frames. Throughout, design examples, including step-by-step solutions, and end-of-chapter problems using both ASD and LRFD methods demonstrate real-world applications and illustrate how code requirements apply to both lateral and vertical forces.

This up-to-date Second Edition covers:

  • Steel Buildings and Design Criteria
  • Design Loads
  • Behavior of Steel Structures under Design Loads
  • Design of Steel Beams in Flexure
  • Design of Steel Beams for Shear and Torsion
  • Design of Compression Members
  • Stability of Frames
  • Design by Inelastic Analysis
  • Design of Tension Members
  • Design of Bolted and Welded Connections
  • Plate Girders and Composite Members
  • Design of Steel Structures for Lateral Loads

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