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Quality Planning and Analysis: From Product Development through Use, Fourth Edition

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Title: Quality Planning and Analysis: From Product Development through Use, Fourth Edition
Author: Frank M. Gryna
ISBN: 0070393680 / 9780070393684
Format: Hard Cover
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2001
Availability: In Stock
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Quality Planning and Analysis is one of the most trusted resources for learning about quality control principles and techniques. The book offers a balanced and broad treatment of the managerial, statistical, and technological activities related to quality planning and analysis. This newest edition of the classic reference is revised and updated with new concepts that have evolved during the past decade. Earlier editions were co-authored by J. M. Juran, Chairman Emeritus of the renowned Juran Institute.

Chapter 1 : Basic Concepts
Chapter 2 :
Companywide Assessment of Quality
Chapter 3 : Quality Improvement and Cost Reduction
Chapter 4 : Operational Quality Planning and Sales Income
Chapter 5 : Quality Control
Chapter 6 : Process Management
Chapter 7 : Strategic Quality Management
Chapter 8 : Organization for Quality
Chapter 9 : Developing a Quality Culture
Chapter 10 : Basic Concepts of Statistics and Probability
Chapter 11 : Statistical Tools for Analyzing Data
Chapter 12 : Understanding Customer Needs
Chapter 13 : Designing for Quality
Chapter 14 : Designing for Quality-Statistical Tools
Chapter 15 : Supply Chain Management
Chapter 16 : Operations-Manufacturing Sector
Chapter 17 : Operations-Service Sector
Chapter 18 : Statistical Process Control
Chapter 19 : Inspection, Test, and Measurement
Chapter 20 : Marketing, Field Performance, and Customer Service
Chapter 21 : Administrative and Support Operations
Chapter 22 : Quality Information Systems
Chapter 23 : Quality Assurance, Quality Audit

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