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Plant Equipment & Maintenance Engineering Handbook

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Title: Plant Equipment & Maintenance Engineering Handbook
Author: Duncan Richardson
ISBN: 0071809899 / 9780071809894
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 672
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2014
Availability: 15-30 days
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The Best On-the-Job Guide to Industrial Plant Equipment and Systems

This practical, one-of-a-kind field manual explains how equipment in industrial facilities operates and covers all aspects of commissioning relevant to engineers and project managers. Plant Equipment and Maintenance Engineering Handbook contains a data log of all major industrial and power plant components, describes how they function, and includes rules of thumb for operation. Hundreds of handy reference materials, such as calculations and tables, plus a comprehensive listing of electrical parts with common supplier nomenclature are also included in this time-saving resource.


Chapter 1 : Air Compressors and Compressed-Air Systems
Chapter 2 : Air Conditioning
Chapter 3 : Ash-Handling Systems
Chapter 4 : Bearings and Lubrication
Chapter 5 : Boilers
Chapter 6 : Cleaning and Housekeeping
Chapter 7 : Condensers
Chapter 8 : Controls
Chapter 9 : Cooling Towers
Chapter 10 : Corrosion
Chapter 11 : Diesels and Gas Turbines
Chapter 12 : Electrical
Chapter 13 : Fans
Chapter 14 : Fire Protection
Chapter 15 : Fuels and Combustion
Chapter 16 : Feedwater Heaters
Chapter 17 : Piping
Chapter 18 : Pumps
Chapter 19 : Turbines
Chapter 20 : Valves
Chapter 21 : Vibration
Chapter 22 : Water Treatment

Appendix A : Acronyms and Glossary
Appendix B : ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code List
Appendix C : ASME Performance Test Code List
Appendix D : Manufacturers Standardization Society (MSS) Standards List
Appendix E : ASTM Specifications List
Appendix F : Society Contacts List
Appendix G : Electrical Device Numbers and Functions
Appendix H : NEMA Enclosure List
Appendix I : KKS System
Appendix J : Welding Qualification
Appendix K : Tensile Strength Table for Carbon Steel
Appendix L : Pipe Pressure-Temperature Ratings
Appendix M : Valve Pressure-Temperature Ratings
Appendix N : Thermal Expansion of Metals
Appendix O : Pressure Testing References
Appendix P : Flange and Fitting Dimensions
Appendix Q : Pipe Dimension and Weight Table
Appendix R : Trigonometric Table
Appendix S : Useful Equations
Appendix T : Flushing Tools
Appendix U : Typical Startup Schedule Sequence and Quantity Survey Form
Appendix V : Electrical Supplies

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