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Hossein Razavi

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Gas and Power in the Developing World

Author: Bob Smock, Bob Tippee, Hossein Razavi
ISBN: 0878147055 / 9780878147052
Year: 1996
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Financing Energy Projects in Developing Countries

Author: Hossein Razavi
ISBN: 1593701241 / 9781593701246
Year: 2007
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An update to his comprehensive 1996 text on project finance in emerging economies, Razavi’s authoritative book provides first-hand information and analysis of how multilateral, bilateral, and ...
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On-Demand Supply Management : World-Class Strategies, Practices and Technology

Author: David A. Riggs, Douglas A. Smock, Hossein Razavi, Stephen C. Rogers, Zontec Press
ISBN: 1932159622 / 9781932159622
Year: 2007
Availability: Out of Stock
Technology offerings for supply management are changing rapidly. To outpace the competition, today’s firms must be able to understand and implement the latest advances. This book explains how ...
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