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Handbook of Plastics Technologies : The Complete Guide to Properties and Performance

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Title: Handbook of Plastics Technologies : The Complete Guide to Properties and Performance
Author: Charles A. Harper
ISBN: 0071460683 / 9780071460682
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 900
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2006
Availability: 45-60 days
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Understand, design, and manufacture plastics
This resource provides you with the state-of-the-art information for the design, manufacture and application of plastics as well as its cutting-edge usage in nanotechnology.
Includes the latest industry specifications and standards
Covers the latest recycling methods

Understand and capitalize on the latest breakthroughs in plastics applications, design, and manufacture

Researchers seeking to develop lucrative new plastics-based products will find in Handbook of Plastics Technologies a unique source of reliable, up-to-date data and guidance. Whether or not the focus is on consumer or institutional products, author Charles Harper provides a handy reference to the latest breakthroughs in Resins, adhesive and plastic additives. The book sets a solid foundation for understanding and reaping the potential benefits from processes such as: Thermoplastic, Thermosetting and Elastomeric, while improving the product quality and performance. This book is a guide to the latest in :
Industry specifications and standards
Thermoplastic and thermosetting materials and processes
Properties for the latest Resins, adhesives and plastic additives
Methods for recycling of plastic materials

INSIDE Handbook of Plastics Technologies

Fundamentals of Polymers and Plastics
* Thermoplastic Materials and Processes
* Thermosetting Materials and Processes
* Elastomeric Materials and Processes
* Plastic Additives
* Nanotechnology for Polymers and Plastics
* Plastics Recycling and Biodegradable Plastics
* Plastics Joining
* Automotive Applications of Plastics and Elastomers

Chapter 1 : Introduction of Polymers and Plastics
Chapter 2 : Thermoplastics
Chapter 3 : Thermosets
Chapter 4 : Elastomers
Chapter 5 : Plastics Additives
Chapter 6 : Nanomanufacturing with Polymers
Chapter 7 : Plastics Joining
Chapter 8 : Plastics Recycling and Biodegradable Plastics
Chapter 9 : Plastics and Elastomers : Automotive Applications

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