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Green Roof Construction and Maintenance

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Title: Green Roof Construction and Maintenance
Author: Kelly Luckett
ISBN: 007160880X / 9780071608800
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 185
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2009
Availability: In Stock
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Green Roof Construction and Maintenance explains how to design a green roof, plan for irrigation and drainage, select and place soil and plants, and maintain the entire setup. The book also discusses return on investment, LEED design specifications, and the myriad short- and long-term environmental benefits of green roofs. Filled with step-by-step illustrations and full-color photographs, this is a valuable, hands-on guide to a rapidly emerging trend in the sustainability movement.

About the Author

Chapter 1 : Design
Chapter 2 : Structural Design
Chapter 3 : Waterproofing
Chapter 4 : The Dirt on Green Roof Soil
Chapter 5 : Construction
Chapter 6 : Plants
Chapter 7 : Maintenance
Chapter 8 : Realistic Expectations
Chapter 9 : The Environment
Chapter 10 : Return on Investment
Chapter 11 : Quantifying the Benefits of Green Roofs


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