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Electrochemical Engineering : Science and Technology in Chemical and Other Industries

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Title: Electrochemical Engineering : Science and Technology in Chemical and Other Industries
Author: G. Kreysa, H. Wendt
ISBN: 3540643869 / 9783540643869
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 404
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 1999
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The particular concern of this book is to close the gap between electrochemical engineering science and electrochemical technology. Electrochemical techniques are fundamental for a few key-products in the chemical process industries, but they are even more frequently used in many other industries such as the metallurgical industries, in metal-surface processing, and semiconductor and electronic processing and they are essential to pollution control of aqueous industrial effluents. Recently electrochemical technologies have begun to play a role in energy systems and their management by fuel cells. For all electrochemists and electrochemical engineers, metallurgists, engineers in chemical process, galvanic, metallurgical and electric power industries.


Chapter 1 : The Scope and History of Electrochemical Engineering
Chapter 2 : Basic Principles and Laws in Electrochemistry
Chapter 3 : Electrochemical Thermadynamics
Chapter 4 : Electrode Kinetics and Electrocatalysis
Chapter 5 : Mass Transfer by Fluid Flow, Convective Diffusion and Electricity Transport in Electrolytes and Cells
Chapter 6 : Electrochemical Reaction Engineering
Chapter 7 : Electrochemical Engineering of Porous Electrodes and Disperse Multiphase Electrolyte Systems
Chapter 8 : Electrochemical Cell and Plant Engineering
Chapter 9 : Process Development
Chapter 10 : Industrial Electrodes
Chapter 11 : Industrial Processes
Chapter 12 : Fuel Cells

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