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Distillation Operation

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Title: Distillation Operation
Author: Henry Z. Kister
ISBN: 007034910X / 9780070349100
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 752
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1990
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Discussing distillation, this book gives readers guidelines for operation, troubleshooting and control. It offers a compendium of Do's and Don'ts, good practices, and guidelines for trouble-free design; operation and troubleshooting for inlets and outlets; avoiding tray damage; installation; commissioning and startup techniques; and more.

Essential for Chemical Engineers
I've been using Henry Kister's books since long time. Started as a master student and now at work. Every time I used it I ended up with a solution or at least hints for my problems. Distillation Operation is an essential book if you consider work on distillation and/or absorption. It is essential because provides knowledge based on experience in operation, points out on common operational and design mistakes and help troubleshooting. Book's structure is very easy to follow and has got a wide range of references and good real examples. If you look for more fundamental design rules I'd recommend combine this one with Henry's Distillation Design.

Good reference
I found this a very good reference on distillation, and a worthwhile resource on the PE exam. It however, as expected, assumes you understand interphase mass transfer and distillation theory.

A must for people in any phase of distillation field
This is the more complete book on practical aspects of distillation and absorption. From design (together with the companion book Distillation Design) to startup and troubleshoot. The last subject is also covered by other books, relating to the subject himself, but on distillation and absorption columns this is the only book not out-of-print; note that it covers also mechanical aspects usually fund only on Best Prectices by Engineering and Contracting Company.


Chapter 1 : Distillation Troubleshooting
Chapter 2 : Reflux and Intermediate Feed Inlets for Tray Columns
Chapter 3 : Reflux and Intermediate Feed Distribution and Liquid Redistribution in Packed Towers
Chapter 4 : Bottom Section and Column Outlets
Chapter 5 : Gravity Lines and Instrument, and Access Connections
Chapter 6 : Tray and Downcomer Layout
Chapter 7 : Mechanical Requirements for Trays
Chapter 8 : Internals Unique to Packed Towers
Chapter 9 : Distillation Overpressure Relief
Chapter 10 : Column Assembly and Preparation for Commissioning
Chapter 11 : Column Commissioning
Chapter 12 : Column Startup and Shutdown
Chapter 13 : Operation Difficulties
Chapter 14 : Column Field Testing: Flooding, Foaming, Efficiency, and Troubleshooting
Chapter 15 : Reboilers and Condensers Operation and Troubleshooting
Chapter 16 : Basic Distillation Control Philosophy
Chapter 17 : Reboiler, Condenser, and Pressure Controls
Chapter 18 : Temperature and Composition Control
Chapter 19 : Miscellaneous Column Controls
Chapter 20 : Columns That Did Not Work : Case Histories

Appendix A : Useful Conversions
Appendix B : Revised Equations for Constructing Startup Stability Diagrams

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