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Distillation Design

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Title: Distillation Design
Author: Henry Z. Kister
ISBN: 0070349096 / 9780070349094
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 710
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1992
Availability: 15-30 days
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Distillation Design provides complete, up-to-date coverage of the principles and practical aspects of designing this important industrial process for the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, petroleum refining, gas and alcohol industries.

This definitive sourcebook examines process and equipment design procedures, discusses the limitations of the various design methods, and provides nuts-and-bolts solutions to help you design trouble-free systems. The book also presents worked-out examples of typical design problems, as well as guidelines for using computer programs in design.

Engineers will find detailed information on key fractionation concepts... column process design and shortcut calculations ... tray design and operation... tray efficiency ... packing design and operation... packing efficiency and scaleup ... packing capacity and pressure drop ... and much more.

Essential for troubleshooting and diagnosing design malfunctions, Distillation Design offers design, process, and project engineers expert solutions to design and longer-term plant problems.


Chapter 1 : Introduction to Distillation
Chapter 2 : Key Fractionation Concepts
Chapter 3 : Column Process Design, Optimization, and Shortcut Calculations
Chapter 4 : Rigorous Distillation Calculations
Chapter 5 : Batch Distillation
Chapter 6 : Tray Design and Operation
Chapter 7 : Tray Efficiency
Chapter 8 : Packing Design and Operation
Chapter 9 : Packing Efficiency and Scaleup
Chapter 10 : Packing Capacity and Pressure Drop GPDC Interpolation Charts Atlas
Chapter 11 : Packing Efficiency Data

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