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Customer Satisfaction Planning : Ensuring Product Quality and Safety Within Your MRP/ERP Systems

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Title: Customer Satisfaction Planning : Ensuring Product Quality and Safety Within Your MRP/ERP Systems
Author: Thomas T Hirata
ISBN: 1420083813 / 9781420083811
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 120
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2009
Availability: In Stock
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Statistics show that a single satisfied customer can bring a company two new ones but one unsatisfied client can cost it four. With this principle in mind, Customer Satisfaction Planning: Ensuring Product Quality and Safety within Your MRP/ERP Systems presents a progressive, cost-cutting efficiency system that builds on material requirement planning (MRP) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) to facilitate improved customer satisfaction. The book illustrates how shifting the focus from inventory replenishment to customer service results in a better product, received exactly on time, and with actual cost. Such a change is bound to make the company grow, benefiting its employees and suppliers, as well as the surrounding community.

k of discipline, human error, and part failures are all common to the inventory-focused MRP/ERP systems that many companies still use to plan production and keep track of materials. But these methods are based on antiquated principles and technology from the 1970s—several computer lifetimes ago. The author explains why his novel system will change the face of modern business management and details an implementation plan. He also documents the adjustments in logic and strategy through which companies can make major advances in inventory management and product assurance. For instance, in terms of manufacturing, customer satisfaction planning (CSP) improves the process by linking component orders to the parent order so a valid trail exists in the event of a recall.

Chapter 1 : Customer Service Planning : A New Approach
Chapter 2 : Product Quality : The Need for Change
Chapter 3 : Limitations of MRP/ERP
Chapter 4 : Common Parts Problems and The Failure of MRP and Non-MRP Solutions
Chapter 5 : Customer Satisfaction Planning : The Theory
Chapter 6 : Customer Satisfaction Planning : Implementation
Chapter 7 : Manufacturing Planning : Supply and Demand
Chapter 8 : Order Management and Manufacturing Scheduling
Chapter 9 : Supply Chain and Business Management
Chapter 10 : Building Customer Relations with CSP
Chapter 11 : Making The Switch : How to Convert to Customer Satisfaction Planning

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