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Charles E. Baukal

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Industrial Burners Handbook

Author: Charles E. Baukal, Jr.
ISBN: 0849313864 / 9780849313868
Year: 2004
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Rapid development in the field precipitated by the increased demand for clean burner systems has made the Industrial Burners Handbook into the field’s go-to resource. With this resource, bests...
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The Coen & Hamworthy Combustion Handbook : Fundamentals for Power, Marine & Industrial Applications

Author: Charles E. Baukal, Stephen Londerville
ISBN: 143987333X / 9781439873335
Year: 2013
Availability: Out of Stock
The rigorous treatment of combustion can be so complex that the kinetic variables, fluid turbulence factors, luminosity, and other factors cannot be defined well enough to find realistic solutions. ...
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Industrial Combustion Testing

Author: Charles E. Baukal
ISBN: 142008528X / 9781420085280
Year: 2010
Availability: Out of Stock
Until now, anyone conducting industrial combustion tests had to either rely on old methods, go scurrying through the literature to find proven applicable methodologies, or hire top-shelf consultants...
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