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Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, 7th Edition

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Title: Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, 7th Edition
Author: Frank Delp, Michael J. Kroes, Ronald Sterkenburg, William A. Watkins
ISBN: 0071801502 / 9780071801508
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 736
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 2013
Availability: In Stock
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Aircraft Maintenance & Repair, Seventh Edition, is a valuable resource for students of aviation technology that provides updated information needed to prepare for an FAA airframe technician certification — and can be used with classroom discussions and practical application in the shop and on aircraft. This expanded edition includes recent advances in aviation technology to help students fi nd employment as airframe and powerplant mechanics and other technical and engineering-type occupations.

For easy reference, chapters are illustrated and present specific aspects of aircraft materials, fabrication processes, maintenance tools and techniques, and federal aviation regulations.

Preface to the Seventh Edition
Preface to the Sixth Edition

Chapter 1 : Hazardous Materials and Safety Practices
Chapter 2 : Aircraft Structures
Chapter 3 : Fabrication and Repair and Wood Structures
Chapter 4 : Fabric Coverings
Chapter 5 : Aircraft Painting and Markings
Chapter 6 : Welding Equipment and Techniques
Chapter 7 : Welded Aircraft Structures and Repair
Chapter 8 : Sheet-Metal Construction
Chapter 9 : Sheet-Metal Inspection and Repair
Chapter 10 : Plastics
Chapter 11 : Advanced Composite Materials
Chapter 12 : Assembly and Rigging
Chapter 13 : Aircraft Fluid Power Systems
Chapter 14 : Aircraft Landing-Gear Systems
Chapter 15 : Aircraft Fuel Systems
Chapter 16 : Environment Systems
Chapter 17 : Aircraft Instruments and Instrument Systems
Chapter 18 : Auxiliary Systems
Chapter 19 : Troubleshooting Theory and Practice


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