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Above Ground Storage Tanks

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Title: Above Ground Storage Tanks
Author: Philip E. Myers
ISBN: 007044272X / 9780070442726
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 690
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
Year: 1997
Availability: 15-30 days
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The one reference devoted exclusively to aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), this book helps owners and regulators understand the design, operation, and maintenance of ASTs in the face of new industry regulations and meet the rigorous compliance requirements. 

Here is an ideal handbook for chemical, environmental, and civil engineers, and others concerned with the regulatory issues of ASTs. Sections examine various types of storage media and their applications; fundamental environmental engineering concerns; how to select the right industrial codes and standards for the tank; design considerations for ASTs; the construction, fabrication, and erection of tanks; and the requirements designed to keep ASTs environmentally sound.


Chapter 1 : Fundamentals
Chapter 2 : Code, Standards, and Regulations
Chapter 3 : Materials Considerations
Chapter 4 : Corrosion and Corrosion Prevention
Chapter 5 : Corrosion Prevention with Linings
Chapter 6 : Tank Foundations
Chapter 7 : Seismic Considerations
Chapter 8 : General Design of Tanks
Chapter 9 : Tank Roofs
Chapter 10 : Fire Protection of Tanks
Chapter 11 : Tank Emissions
Chapter 12 : Tanks Constructed of Other Materials
Chapter 13 : Tank Inspection, Repairs, and Reconstruction
Chapter 14 : Tank Settlement
Chapter 15 : Groundwater Protection
Chapter 16 : Miscellaneous Topics
Chapter 17 : Tank Accessories


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