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Wind Power Projects : Theory and Practice

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Title: Wind Power Projects : Theory and Practice
Author: Tore Wizelius
ISBN: 1138780456 / 9781138780453
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 230
Publisher: Earthscan Publications Ltd.
Year: 2015
Availability: In Stock
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Wind power has developed rapidly in terms of the number of new wind power plants now installed in more than hundred countries around the world. This renewable energy source has become competitive, and to be able to combat climate change much more has to be installed in coming years. This also makes it necessary for policy makers, NGOs, research scientists, industry and the general public to have a basic understanding of wind power.

The majority of texts on wind power are written primarily for engineers or policy analysts. This book specifically targets those interested in, or planning to develop wind power projects. It can be understood by both specialists and non-specialists interested in wind power project development.

Having outlined the background of wind power and its development, explained wind resources and technology, the author explores the interactions between wind power and society and the role of wind power in the electric power system. Finally the main aspects of project development, including siting, economics and legislation, are explained.

This book will be an essential reference, or even a manual, for professionals developing new sites and for government officials and consultants involved in the planning or permission process. It can also be used as a textbook on wind power at schools and universities.

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Chapter 1 : Development of Windpower
Chapter 2 : Wind and Power
Chapter 3 : Wind Turbines and Windpower Plants
Chapter 4 : Windpower and Society
Chapter 5 : Windpower in the Electric Power System
Chapter 6 : Project Development


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