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Wear: Materials, Mechanisms and Practice

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Title: Wear: Materials, Mechanisms and Practice
Author: Gwidon W. Stachowiak
ISBN: 0470016280 / 9780470016282
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 478
Publisher: Wiley
Year: 2005
Availability: Out of Stock
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Tribology is emerging from the realm of steam engines and crank-case lubricants and becoming key to vital new technologies such as nanotechnology and MEMS. Wear is an integral part of tribology, and an effective understanding and appreciation of wear is essential in order to achieve the reliable and efficient operation of almost any machine or device. Knowledge in the field has increased considerably over recent years, and continues to expand: this book is intended to stimulate its readers to contribute towards the progress of this fascinating subject that relates to most of the known disciplines in physical science.
Wear – Materials, Mechanisms and Practice provides the reader with a unique insight into our current understanding of wear, based on the contributions of numerous internationally acclaimed specialists in the field.
The state of the art research on wear and the mechanisms of wear featured will be of interest to post-graduate students and lecturers in engineering, materials science and chemistry. The practical applications discussed will appeal to practitioners across virtually all sectors of engineering and industry including electronic, mechanical and electrical, quality and reliability and design.

List of Contributors
Series Editors' Foreword

Chapter 1 : The Challenge of Wear
Chapter 2 : Classification of Wear Mechanisms/Models
Chapter 3 : Wear of metals: a Materials Response
Chapter 4 : Boundary Lubricated Wear
Chapter 5 : Wear and Chemistry of Lubricants
Chapter 6 : Surface Chemistry in Tribology
Chapter 7 : Tribology of Engineered Surfaces
Chapter 8 : Wear of Ceramics: Transitions and Tribochemical Reactions in Ceramics
Chapter 9 : Tribology of Diamond and Diamond-Like Carbon Films: An Overview
Chapter 10 : Tribology of Polymeric Solids and Their Composites
Chapter 11 : Wear of polymer composites
Chapter 12 : Third Body Reality - Consequences and Use of the Third Body Concept to Solve a Friction and Wear Problems
Chapter 13 : Basic Principles of Fretting
Chapter 14 : Characterization and classification of abrasive particles and surfaces
Chapter 15 : Wear Mapping of materials
Chapter 16 : Machine Failure and Its Avoidance-Tribology’s Contribution to Effective Maintenance of Critical Machinery


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