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Water and Wastewater Conveyance : Pumping, Hydraulics, Piping, and Valves

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Title: Water and Wastewater Conveyance : Pumping, Hydraulics, Piping, and Valves
Author: Frank R. Spellman
ISBN: 1498771726 / 9781498771726
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 423
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2016
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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Water and Wastewater Conveyance: Pumping, Hydraulics, Piping, and Valves provides fundamental, basic information on the conveyance of water and wastewater. Written in straight-forward and easy-to-understand language for professionals and non-professionals alike, it provides the techniques to assist water and wastewater operators to better understand basic pump operations and applications, maintenance regimens, and troubleshooting procedures. Addressing a multitude of water quality issues, it provides an introduction to water hydraulics, piping systems, tubes, hoses, and ancillaries as well as valves, and the maintenance requirements of each. It also discusses common operational problems and their appropriate corrective actions. Definitions of key terms and self-examination questions are provided at the end of each chapter.

  • Presents practical, basic information on all manner of water conveyance in water and wastewater plants, such as hydraulics, piping systems, tubes, hoses, and valves
  • Examines pump operation fundamentals and practical applications, as well as various types, such as centrifugal, submersible, vortex, impeller, turbine, and more
  • Covers the basic of water hydraulics concepts, including force and pressure, flow and discharge rate, and velocity head
  • Covers relevant water plant equipment, maintenance regimens, as well as troubleshooting procedures for each
  • Contains definitions of key terms and self-examination questions at the end of each chapter


Part I : Water and Wastewater Sources and Characteristics
Chapter 1 :
Potable Water Sources
Chapter 2 : Wastewater Sources and Characteristics

Part II : Pumping
Chapter 3 :
Pumping : Setting the Stage
Chapter 4 : Basic Pumping Definitions and Calculations
Chapter 5 : Centrifugal Pumps
Chapter 6 : Centrifugal Pump Components
Chapter 7 : Centrifugal Pump Operational Procedures
Chapter 8 : Centrifugal Pump Maintenance and Troubleshooting Procedures
Chapter 9 : Centrifugal Pump Modifications
Chapter 10 : Positive Displacement Pumps

Part III : Water Hydraulics
Chapter 11 :
Well Systems and Pumps
Chapter 12 : Water Hydraulics : What Is It?
Chapter 13 : Bernoulli’s Theorem
Chapter 14 : Friction Head Loss and Wastewater Sediment Control
Chapter 15 : Basic Piping and Open-Channel Hydraulics
Chapter 16 : Flow Measurement

Part IV : Piping
Chapter 17 :
Piping System Basics

Part V : Valves
Chapter 18 :
Flow Control Devices

Review Questions
Comprehensive Review Questions
Appendix : Answers to Chapter Review Questions

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