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Water Quality Systems: A Guide for Facility Managers, 2nd Edition

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Title: Water Quality Systems: A Guide for Facility Managers, 2nd Edition
Author: Robert Reid
ISBN: 0824740106 / 9780824740108
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 275
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 2004
Availability: 15-30 days
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This book was written to serve as a guide for facility managers and other building professionals who have the responsibility for water supply and wastewater drainage systems. Designed for on-the-job use, it will guide you step by step in achieving an optimally functioning system, while controlling both operating and maintenance costs – and keeping building occupants satisfied and productive. You'll learn the best approaches to keeping your water systems both safe and efficient, and also assuring that your are in full compliance with all applicable regulations. The book has been specifically formatted to provide the manager with the most important, most comprehensive amount of information in the least amount of time, thereby optimizing the reader's investment in the information. Also included is the latest information on EPA's WAVE Saver program for the hotel/motel industry, as well as coverage of other regulations and codes.


Chapter 1 : Water Management
Chapter 2 : Water: Supply & Disposal
Chapter 3 : Law & Regulations
Chapter 4 : Water Impurities
Chapter 5 : Scale & Corrosion of Water Systems
Chapter 6 : Upgrades & Renovations
Chapter 7 : Pipe & Fittings
Chapter 8 : Pumps & Tanks
Chapter 9 : Valves & Fixtures
Chapter 10 : Instrumentation, Hydraulics, Plumbing
Chapter 11 : Water Supply Systems
Chapter 12 : Hot Water Systems
Chapter 13 : Wastewater Systems
Chapter 14 : Applications
Chapter 15 : Project Management
Chapter 16 : Performance Testing
Chapter 17 : Maintenance
Chapter 18 : Managing Your Team
Chapter 19 : Trade Groups & Associations


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