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Wastewater Hydraulics : Theory and Practice

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Title: Wastewater Hydraulics : Theory and Practice
Author: Hager, Willi H.
ISBN: 354062998X / 9783540629986
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 647
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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This book is not only a reference for researchers but also a basis for practising engineers. It can be used as a text book for graduate students, although it has the characteristics of a reference book. It addresses mainly the sewer hydraulician who has to tackle many a problem in daily life, and who will not always find an appropriate solution. Each chapter is introduced with a summary to outline the contents. To illustrate application of the theory, examples are presented to explain the computational procedures. Further, to relate present knowledge to the history of hydraulics, some key dates on noteworthy hydraulicians are quoted. A historical note on the development of wastewater hydraulics is also added. References are given at the end of each chapter, and they are often helpful starting points for further reading. Each notation is defined when introduced, and listed alphabetically at the end of each chapter.


Chapter 1 : Basic Equations
Chapter 2 : Losses in Flow
Chapter 3 : Design of Sewers
Chapter 4 : Sewage Pumping Throtlling Devices
Chapter 5 : Uniform Flow
Chapter 6 : Critical Flow
Chapter 7 : Hydrualic Jump and Sitlling Basins
Chapter 8 : Back Water Curves
Chapter 9 : Culverts Throttling Pipes Inverted Siphons
Chapter 10 : Overfalls
Chapter 11 : End Overfalls
Chapter 12 : Venturi Flumes
Chapter 13 : Mobile Discharged Measurment
Chapter 14 : Standard Manhole
Chapter 15 : Fall Manhole
Chapter 16 : Junction Manhole
Chapter 17 : Distribution Channel
Chapter 18 : Sewer Sideweir
Chapter 19 : Side Channel
Chapter 20 : Bottom Opening


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