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Untangling Organizational Gridlock : Strategies for Building a Customer Focus

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Title: Untangling Organizational Gridlock : Strategies for Building a Customer Focus
Author: Michele L. Bechtell
ISBN: 0814402038 / 9780814402030
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 357
Publisher: AMACOM
Year: 1993
Availability: In Stock
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Untangling Organizational Gridlock, author Mchele L. Bechtell describes the fundamental requirements for companywide performance improvement. More than providing a better product or service, performance improvement is an organizational lifestyle that aligns the organization's activities and processes to create delighted customers through continous improvement. This book will help you develop and implement sound, customer-focused strategies within your organization.

If you are considering implementing-or just beginning to implement-quality improvement, or if you have tried it before and failed, Untangling Organizational Gridlock is must reading. It describes first the basics of continuous company-wide quality improvement. The book goes on to define and explore the fragile process of changing an organization's culture-a challenge that many managers have never faced before in their careers, and one that requires skills most managers have not been taught.

Key topics of the book include :-

  • Connecting customer-requirements to daily work
  • The problem solving process
  • System dynamics
  • Policy deployment
  • Organizational learning

Introduction: The Service Gridlock

Part I : The Strategy
Chapter 1 : Can You Hear Your Customer Murmurs? The Need for Customer Focus
Chapter 2 : The Secret is in the Wiring: The Need for Process Improvement
Chapter 3 : Management Anorexia: The Need for Universal Participation
Chapter 4 : A Physical Workout: The Need for Continuous Improvement

Part II : The Process of Becoming
Chapter 5 : Making the Transition: Battling the Immune System
Chapter 6 : Unity of Purpose: Consolidating Good Intentions
Chapter 7 : Organizational Learning: Recovering from Organizational Amnesia
Chapter 8 : Management, Learning, and Leadership: Are They Different?
Chapter 9 : Policy Deployment: Focus on the Critical Few

Epilogue : Quality is Not a Destination; It is a Journey
Appendix A : The Customer Requirements Matrix
Appendix B : The Costs of Poor Quality
Appendix C : Nominal Group Technique
Appendix D : Analytical Quality Tool Kit
Appendix E : Systems Thinking Tools
Appendix F : Individual Learning Channels

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