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Total Quality Management for Engineers

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Title: Total Quality Management for Engineers
Author: Mohammed Zairi
ISBN: 0884151506 / 9780884151500
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 265
Publisher: GULF
Year: 1991
Availability: In Stock
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Although the concept of quality is familiar to engineers, their treatment of it has always been narrowly focused. Many people, including engineers, are still wrestling with the diffcultis associated with the concept of TQM and its application.
This book is structured to allow the reader to gain gradual knowledge and appreciation of the nature of TQM and its wider implications for organizations.
It brings together various concepts, principles and models which deal with TQM as a total organizational system and refers to various building blocks which play a prominent role in determining the effectiveness of any TQM program being implemented.


Chapter 1 : The engineer and TQM: A positive link
Chapter 2 : The pioneers of TQM
Chapter 3 : Defining TQM: The philosophy
Chapter 4 : Defining TQM: The Systems
Chapter 5 : Defining TQM: Tools and Techniques
Chapter 6 : Total Preventative Maintenance for TQM
Chapter 7 : Total Safety Systems for TQM
Chapter 8 : Essentials of TQM: Leadership
Chapter 9 : Essentials of TQM: Customer-supplier chains
Chapter 10 : Essentials of TQM: Continuous improvement
Chapter 11 : Concluding remarks: Implementation, costing and measurement issues


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