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Total Maximum Daily Load: Appraoches & Challenges

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Title: Total Maximum Daily Load: Appraoches & Challenges
Author: Tamim Younos
ISBN: 1593700466 / 9781593700461
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 343
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 2005
Availability: In Stock
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Total Maximum Daily Load: Approaches & Challenges presents concepts, approaches, case studies, and applications of the cutting-edge technologies used to develop and implement an effective and innovative TMDL program. Case studies discussed in this book mostly focus on three major causes of water impairment in the United States: bacteria, sediments, and nutrients.

TMDL has nine chapters written by experts who have significant knowledge and experience on issues related to the TMDL program.

Chapter 1 : Origins and Status of TMDL Regulations
Chapter 2 : TMDL Development Approaches
Chapter 3 : Stakeholder Involvement in TMDL Policy Decisions
Chapter 4 : TMDL Case Studies
Chapter 5 : Approaches to Developing a TMDL Implementation Plan
Chapter 6 : Bacterial Source Tracking : Concept and Application to TMDL
Chapter 7 : Taxonomy of Effluent Trading Programs: Concepts and Applications to TMDLs
Chapter 8 : Assessment of the Value of New Information for Adaptive TMDLs
Chapter 9 : Use Attainability Analysis : Principles and Case Studies

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