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Tool and Die Making Troubleshooter

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Title: Tool and Die Making Troubleshooter
Author: Richard Leed
ISBN: 0872636437 / 9780872636439
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 260
Publisher: SME
Year: 2002
Availability: In Stock
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Conceived from years of problem solving, Tool and Die Making Troubleshooter is destined to be an indispensable guide for designing, constructing, and maintaining tools, dies, molds, and fixtures. The book contains hands-on information, valuable tooling tips, and procedural recommendations regarding the selection, processing, and use of materials. This comprehensive reference is for anyone working with the selection, application, and use of cast irons, cast steels, wrought tooling sheets, and aluminum and stainless steels. The subjects of basic metallurgy, heat treating, machining, grinding, electrical discharge machining, welding, quality, wear enhancements, surface coatings, and treatments for tools and dies have been carefully organized and presented for quick reference.


Chapter 1 : The Tooling Investment
Chapter 2 : Steelmaking Methods and Hot working
Chapter 3 : Quality Considerations
Chapter 4 : Metallurgy and Engineering Considerations
Chapter 5 : Tooling Material Selection
Chapter 6 : Tooling Design
Chapter 7 : Tool Machining and Welding
Chapter 8 : Heat Treatment
Chapter 9 : Hardness Testing


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