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The Use of Electric Batteries for Civil Aircraft Applications

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Title: The Use of Electric Batteries for Civil Aircraft Applications
Author: Michael Waller
ISBN: 0768092922 / 9780768092929
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 122
Publisher: SAE
Year: 2019
Availability: 15-30 days
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The Use of Electric Batteries for Civil Aircraft Applications is a comprehensive and focused collection of SAE International technical papers, covering both the past and the present of the efforts to develop batteries that can be specifically installed in commercial aircraft.

Recently, major commercial aircraft manufacturers started investigating the possibility of using Li-Ion batteries at roughly the same time that the military launched their first applications.

As industry events unfolded, the FAA and committees from RTCA and SAE continued efforts to create meaningful standards for the design, testing, and certification of Li-Ion battery systems for commercial aviation. The first document issued was RTCA DO-311 on Mar. 13, 2008.

As the industry continues to develop concepts and designs for the safe utilization of the new Li-Ion battery systems, many are already working on designs for all-electric aircraft, and small two-seat training aircraft are currently flying.

The challenges for an all-electric, transport category aircraft will be significant, and the battery design ranks as one of the greatest. The more energy that is packaged into a small area to provide for the propulsion requirements, the more stringent are the design parameters and mitigation methodologies needed to make the system safe. The success or failure of this endeavor lies squarely on the shoulders of the engineers and scientists developing these new systems, and places additional pressure on the regulatory agencies to acquire the relevant knowledge for the creation of minimum operational performance standards for them.


Chapter 1 : The Use of Electric Batteries on Civil Aircraft
Chapter 2 : Commercial Aircraft Batteries
Chapter 3 : Bipolar Nick-Metal Hydride Batteries for Aircraft Applications
Chapter 4 : Implementation of New Aircraft Battery Technology in the Army
Chapter 5 : Review of Capabilities and Performance of Sintered Plate NiCd Batteries
Chapter 6 : Aircraft Battery Design Concept for Improved Ultralow Temperature Performance   
Chapter 7 : Development and Test of Safe, High Power Lithium-Ion Main Batteries for General Aviation Aircraft
Chapter 8 : System Integration of a Safe, High Power, Lithium-Ion Main Battery into a Civil Aviation Aircraft
Chapter 9 : Energy Storage for Commercial Hybrid Electric Aircraft
Chapter 10 : Comparison of Hydraulic Accessory Systems and Electrical in Aircraft
Chapter 11 : Protection of Electrical Systems on MiAbout the Author Mlitary Aircraft

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