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The Toyota Way Fieldbook

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Title: The Toyota Way Fieldbook
Author: David, Jeffrey; Meier, Liker
ISBN: 0070610886 / 9780070610880
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 496
Publisher: TMH
Year: 2006
Availability: Out of Stock
Special Indian Edition
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Jeffrey Liker first revealed the management principles behind Toyota's worldwide reputation for quality and reliability in the international betseller The Toyota Way. Now, he and Toyota veteran David Meier show you how to implement Toyota's formula for excellence with The Toyota Way Fieldbook.
Learn how to develop a long-term philosophy of cost reduction, build a culture that stops to fix prblems quickly, develop leaders that live your system; transform your company into a true lean learning organization that continuously improves, meets the needs of its customers, and positions itself for long-term success.
You'll receive diagnostic tools, worksheets, and exercise-many adapted from Toyota originals-so you can craft the most effective approach for your company. Most importantly, you'll understand the thinking behind lean tools and approaches so you can make a comprehensive and lasting integration of Toyota's 4P Model in your organization:

PHILOSOPHY-The company is a vehicle for adding value to customers, society, the community, and its associates.
PROCESS-When leaders follow the right process they get the right results, including long-term cost-reduction and quality improvement.
PEOPLE AND PARTNERS-Add value to an organization by challenging its people and partners to grow and become more skilled and confident.
PROBLEM SOLVING-Continuously solve root problems to drive organizational learning.


Part I : Learning from Toyota
Chpater 1 :
Background to the Fieldbook

Part II : Why Does Your Company Exist?
Chapter 2 :
Define your Corporate Philosophy and Begin to Live It

Part III : Creating Lean Processes Througout Your Enterprise
Chapter 3 :
Starting the Journey of Waste Reduction
Chapter 4 : Create Initial Process Stability
Chapter 5 : Create Connected Process Flow
Chapter 6 : Establish Standardized Processes and Procedures
Chapter 7 : Leveling: Be More Like the Tortoise Than The Hare
Chapter 8 : Build a Culture That Stops to Fix Problems
Chapter 9 : Make Technology Fit with People and Lean Processes

Part IV : Develop Exceptional People and Partners
Chapter 10 :
Develop Leaders Who Live Your System and Culture from top to Bottom
Chapter 11 : Develop Exceptional Team Associates
Chapter 12 : Develop Supplies and Partners as Extensions of the Enterprise

Part IV : Root Cause Problem Solving for Continuous Learning
Chapter 13 :
Problem Solving the Toyota Way
Chapter 14 : Develop a Thorough Understanding of the Situation and Define the Problem
Chapter 15 : Complete a Thorough Root Cause Analysis
Chapter 16 : Consider Alternative Solutions While Building Consensus
Chapter 17 : Plan-Do-Check-Act
Chapter 18 : Telling the Story Using and A3 Report

Part IV : Managing the Change
Chapter 19 :
Lean Implementation Strategies and Tactics
Chapter 20 : Leanding the Change


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