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The Supplier Management Handbook, 6th Edition

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Title: The Supplier Management Handbook, 6th Edition
Author: Bossert, James L.
ISBN: 0873896297 / 9780873896290
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 296
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2004
Availability: Out of Stock
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This new edition of The Supplier Management Handbook addresses the evolving role of the purchasing agent and discusses the future of customer-supplier relationships. Specifically, the book provides an overview of several basic supplier management issues including: specifications, record keeping, site inspection, measurement assurance, supplier rating, communications, ship-to-stock versus just-in-time, and data evaluation.

This handbook serves as a comprehensive resource for any quality professional needing to identify a step-by-step process for supplier certification, including how to do a service certification. Two certification approaches are described as well as how to conduct a supplier survey and evaluate a supplier’s product. Several chapters focus on specific supplier management applications including establishing effective quality control for the small supplier, procurement quality in the food industry, management of service suppliers, and software supplier management. Appendices include procurement quality definitions, audit guidelines, food industry associations, and federal government agencies involved with food safety.


Chapter 1 : Why Procurement Quality?
Chapter 2 : How Do You Appear to Your Suppliers?
Chapter 3 : Basic Issues: Specifications
Chapter 4 : Basic Issues: Record Keeping
Chapter 5 : Basic Issues: Site Inspection
Chapter 6 : Basic Issues: Measurement Assurance
Chapter 7 : Basic Issues: Supplier Rating
Chapter 8 : Basic Issues: Communications
Chapter 9 : Basic Issues: From Ship-to-Stock to Just-in-Time
Chapter 10 : Basic Issues: Data Evaluation
Chapter 11 : Supplier Certification
Chapter 12 : How to Conduct a Supplier Survey
Chapter 13 : How to Evaluate a Supplier’s Product
Chapter 14 : How to Establish Effective Quality Control for The Small Supplier
Chapter 15 : Procurement Quality in The Food Industry
Chapter 16 : Management of Service Suppliers
Chapter 17 : Software Acquisition and Software Supplier Management

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Bibliography and Suggested Reading

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