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The Progressive Audit: A Toolkit for Improving Your Organizational Quality Culture

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Title: The Progressive Audit: A Toolkit for Improving Your Organizational Quality Culture
Author: Robert Pfannerstill
ISBN: 0873896629 / 9780873896627
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 312
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 2006
Availability: Out of Stock
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The Progressive Audit is a book that anyone involved with auditing should read. This book is not just about auditing but also about management strategy, employee involvement, and raising the level of the organizational quality culture. An audit must provide an understanding of the level at which the quality culture exists so management can implement improvements. It must uncover the various sub-systems that exist within organizations and also raise the level of understanding in the workforce.

This book outlines a six-step methodology to implement a sound internal audit program, including how to get employees to actively participate, how to drive quality system concepts throughout all levels in the organization, and how to manage it so you're not doing all the work.

Templates for the six-step progressive audit techniques described in the book are included in Excel format on an accompanying CD-ROM, ready for use and modification.

CD-ROM Contents
List of Figures and Tables
Part I. Does the System Audit Need to Change?
Chapter 1: Do We Believe the Systems Audit Is Important?

Purpose of the Audit
Top Management Commitment
Different Positions Have Different Perspectives
Chapter 2: Increasing Demands on Quality Systems and Methods
Historical View of Quality Systems
Focus on Improving Supplier Quality
Emphasis on Performance
Chapter 3: Is There Value in the Internal Audit Program?
Searching for More
Aligning Quality Systems
Proportional to Understanding of Systems
Part II. The Challenge of Understanding the Quality Management System
Chapter 4: What Is Quality?

Important to Define
Influence of the Subcluture
Auditing for Understanding
Chapter 5: The Quality Policy
Chapter 6: The Quality Management System

ISO and Quality System Standards
The ISO Process Approachto Systems
Quality Standards and Models Beyond ISO
Chapter 7: The Quality Culture
Historical Perspective
Understanding Culture
Cultural Change
Part III. Analyzing and Improving the Quality System - The "Progressive Audit"
Chapter 8: Confessions of a "Last-Minute" Auditor

Making Assumptions
Who's Driving the Audits?
The Annual Event
Getting More Involved
Chapter 9: The Progressive Audit
Step 1: Present Concept and Obtain Management Commitment
Step 2: Define Purpose and Scope
Step 3: Establish Responsibilities
Step 4: Develop Scoring Guide and Checklist
Step 5: Identify and Train Lead Auditors and Auditors
Step 6: The Internal Audit Process
Key Value-Adding Concepts
Chapter 10: Implementing the Progressive Audit
Obtaining Commitment
Purpose of the Audit
Scope of the Audit
Establish Responsibilities
Chapter 11: The Internal Audit Scoring Guide
Working Papers-Internal Audit Documents
Scoring Guide Rationale
The Manufacturing Process Scoring Guide
Management of the Organization
Management of the Process
Nonconforming Product and Corrective Action
Chapter 12: The Audit Checklists
Four Key Points
Methodology of the Checklist
Interpreting Results
Chapter 13: The Auditors
Selecting Auditors
Training Auditors
Chapter 14: The Audit "Season"
The Audit Process
Team Evaluation and Scoring
Results Reporting and Follow-Up
Audit of the Internal Audit
Postseason Review and Planning
Chapter 15: Ensuring an Effective Audit Program
Efficient Audits
Effective Audits
Reliable Audits
Chapter 16: The Progressive Audit: Where Are We Headed?
Part IV. Appendixes

Appendix A Manufacturing Internal Audit Scoring Guide
Appendix B Manager Checklist
Appendix C Supervisor Checklist
Appendix D Manufacturing Engineer Checklist
Appendix E Setup Checklist
Appendix F Operator Checklist
Appendix G Floor Tour Checklist

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