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The Overseas Assignment: A Professional's Guide For Working in Developing Countries

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Title: The Overseas Assignment: A Professional's Guide For Working in Developing Countries
Author: C.N. Weller
ISBN: 0878144366 / 9780878144365
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 175
Publisher: PennWell
Year: 1995
Availability: In Stock
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The purpose of this book is to improve communications and understanding between employers and expatriate employees by presenting and discussing key aspects of employment in overseas assignments, especially in developing countries, that should be thoroughly understood and agreed to in writing before the employee accepts or is sent to such an assignment. The content is generic and not meant to be critical of anyone or any country. The goal is for employers and employees to be better informed of the various aspects of such employment so that they will (hopefully) avoid many of the pitfalls that can otherwise detract from the relationship. In so doing, they both can realize the benefits from the experience.


Chapter 1 : The Employment Agreement Letter
Chapter 2 : Conditions of Employment
Chapter 3 : Attachment I : Medical Examinations, Insurance, and Medical Records
Chapter 4 : Attachment II : Employee's Instruction to Payroll
Chapter 5 : Attachment III : Insurance
Chapter 6 : Attachment IV : Guide for Selecting Employee's Residence
Chapter 7 : Attachment V : Employee's Job Description
Chapter 8 : Attachment VI : General Requirements for Secretaries
Chapter 9 : Evaluation of Terms and Conditions
Chapter 10 : Sources of Information for the Employee
Chapter 11 : Matchmarking or Back to Basics


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