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The Missing Links : A Demand Driven Supply Chain Detective Novel

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Title: The Missing Links : A Demand Driven Supply Chain Detective Novel
Author: Caroline Mondon
ISBN: 0831136073 / 9780831136079
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 320
Publisher: Industrial Press
Year: 2016
Availability: 15-30 days
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This utterly unique how-to supply chain management work is written as mystery to help engage readers. It fills the need for an accessible work on supply chain management skills that helps strengthen, improve, and adapt the management of industries to meet the swiftly changing needs of a global market.

The Missing Links follows a small furniture company whose owner has died under suspicious circumstances, leaving his musician daughter in charge. The business newcomer encounters a multitude of problems–high work-in-progress inventory, unsafe working conditions, conflicts between two in-house factions, longstanding customers beginning to withdraw their business, and increased competition. Can the factory ever be profitable again?

Readers follow the journey of the company to utilize industry standards, including total quality, lean, total productive maintenance, flow management, as well as the newest demand driven methodologies that are changing modern supply chain management. “Clues” dispersed throughout the manuscript point readers in the direction of an affiliated website where they will find 33 appendices of charts, forms, and additional improvement information that can be customized, regardless of size of the company, or industry.

  • This unique approach–similar to the bestselling work The Goal–wraps a how-to book on supply chain management in a mystery novel.
  • Introduces the effectiveness and simplicity of new demand driven methodologies (DDMRP), along with total quality, lean, TPM, and flow management.
  • Written by an award-winning French author, and President of Fapics, the French Association of Supply Chain Management.
  • “Clues” throughout the manuscript point to 33 full-color appendices on an affiliated website that will be updated regularly after the book is published.
  • Ties in perfectly with the Demand Driven Institute’s certification programs.

How to Use This Book
About the Author

Part I
Chapter 1 :
Heloise and The Missing Supply Chain Manager / Poor S&OP Processes Generate Discord
Chapter 2 : A Threat of Bankruptcy at H. Rami / Silos Lose Customers
Chapter 3 : Pierre Plays Total-Quality Detective / Color-Coding Clarifies Non-Value-Added Flows

Part II
Chapter 4 :
A Strategic Witness Speaks Up / Customers and Suppliers Affect Variability
Chapter 5 : Teamwork in The Forest / Motivate Change by International Benchmarking
Chapter 6 : Bad Blood / Link Physical and Information Flows
Chapter 7 : Lila Practalle-Cass to The Rescue / Drive Competition with Innovation
Chapter 8 : From School Bus to Classroom / Accelerate Learning by Observation and Simulation
Chapter 9 : Linking to The Future / Connect Strategy and Operations with DDS&OP

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