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The Lean Company: Making the Right Choices

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Title: The Lean Company: Making the Right Choices
Author: Frederick Michel and James Jordan
ISBN: 0872635236 / 9780872635234
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 333
Publisher: SME
Year: 2001
Availability: In Stock
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This book presents a lucid, theoretical vision of what a lean company should look like, as well as the organizing principles that are its reason for existence and the rational for the activities that go on inside it. It's among the first (if not the first) lean manufacturing guide to address all facets of your company from top management to customer service (and not to mention the assembly line). "The Lean Company: Making the Right Choices" is ideal for production management, industrial, and manufacturing engineering students. The authors draw from the highly-respected Lean Aerospace Initiative (LAI) developed by MIT, which they helped advance. It features a thorough treatment of 'the big picture,' a means to justify lean investments, and the operational strategies modern companies must employ as they compete in the modern world. It takes a broad look at change, the way employees respond to change, and some of the techniques managers can use to minimize change's adverse effects.


Chapter 1 : The Lean Company
Chapter 2 : Lean Manufacturing
Chapter 3 : Lean Enterprise Principles
Chapter 4 : Overarching Lean Practices
Chapter 5 : Vision, Value, and Strategic Goals
Chapter 6 : Operational Strategies for the Lean Company
Chapter 7 : Transformation by Change Initiatives
Chapter 8 : Lean Initiatives
Chapter 9 : Benefits of Lean Change Initiatives
Chapter 10 : Costs and Risks of Lean Change Initiatives
Chapter 11 : Conduct of Lean Change Initiatives
Chapter 12 : Making the Decision


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