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The Japanese Electronics Industry

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Title: The Japanese Electronics Industry
Author: Michael Pecht, Wataru Nakayama, WIlliam Boulton
ISBN: 1584880260 / 9781584880264
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 152
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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The explosive growth of the Japanese electronics industry continues to be driven by a combination of market forces and the unique characteristics of the Japanese social organization and people. As an industrial phenomenon, the Japanese electronics industry receives considerable attention from researchers in various fields. However, most of their studies focus on either historical analyses intent on discovering the secret of the industry's enormous success, or on the issue of America's competitiveness in the face of challenges from Japanese technology. Moreover, none of these studies can be free of the bias that stems from each researcher's own upbringing and environment.
The authors of The Japanese Electronics Industry have pooled their diverse experience and talents to create a balanced, objective study of this complex subject. They illuminate the history and characteristics of the industry, show the current state of the industry, and explore the research, development, and education vital to the future of the industry.

  • Explains the history of Japan's electronics industry and thoroughly examines the state of the industry today
  • Summarizes Japan's current economic conditions and trade policies
  • Presents a concise, thorough overview of Japan, including its land and resources, its people, government structure, and modern history
  • Includes information about industry founders and engineers that offers insight into the working of entrepreneurial spirits and relates cases of Japanese government projects that dispel widely held myths about the government's role in technology development

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