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The Fundamentals of Quality Assurance in the Textile Industry

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Title: The Fundamentals of Quality Assurance in the Textile Industry
Author: Stanley Bernard Brahams
ISBN: 1498777880 / 9781498777889
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 180
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 2016
Availability: 15-30 days
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  • Contents

The book describes the role of a quality professional in the apparel industry with the emphasis on working with overseas factories and how to ensure products delivered are to the agreed specification. It explains what tools are required and how to manage products from style conception to finished production and the methods used to track and evaluate samples and production at each stage of the critical path. Most importantly, the book explains how the partnership between quality, purchasing, and the vendor plays a key role in business success. Leaders will understand the dynamics involved from range selection to final delivery to the warehouse of merchandise that meets the required standard.

  • Demonstrates the use of computer aided design to create clearly detailed technical information for factories through the stages of design, development and manufacture, using graphic illustration where possible.
  • Takes the reader through a variety of specifications step by step and explains the reasoning behind creating each page
  • Provides the definitive approach to specification writing for the clothing and related industries, demonstrating the advantages of using CAD.
  • Explains how specifications are an integral part of product development, quality assurance and manufacturing.
  • Contends that effective graphics function as an international language


Chapter 1 : Who is Responsible for Quality? & Defining the Role of The Quality Controller
Chapter 2 : Risk Analysis
Chapter 3 : Fundamentals for Effective Control of The Supply Chain
Chapter 4 : Writing Procedures for The Supply Chain
Chapter 5 : Garment Specifications
Chapter 6 : Fit and Fit Sessions
Chapter 7 : Fabric Specification and Performance
Chapter 8 : Fabric Testing
Chapter 9 : Supplier Manual
Chapter 10 : Product Development:
Chapter 11 : Managing The Critical Paths
Chapter 12 : Sample Reports
Chapter 13 : Assessing and Working with Factories
Chapter 14 : Inspection of Merchandise
Chapter 15 : More Preventative Action


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