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The Certified Software Quality Engineer Handbook, 2nd Edition (With CD-ROM)

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Title: The Certified Software Quality Engineer Handbook, 2nd Edition (With CD-ROM)
Author: Linda Westfall
ISBN: 8174890556 / 9788174890559
Format: Hard Cover + CD Rom
Pages: 788
Publisher: ASQ/Infotech
Year: 2018
Availability: In Stock
Special Indian Edition. FREE Shipping with in India.
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This handbook contains information and guidance that supports all of the topics of the 2016 version of the CSQE Body of Knowledge (BoK) upon which ASQ's Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) exam is based. Armed with the knowledge presented in this handbook to complement the required years of actual work experience, qualified software quality practitioners may feel confident they have taken appropriate steps in preparation for the ASQ CSQE exam.

However, the goals for this handbook go well beyond it being a CSQE exam preparation guide. Its author designed this handbook not only to help the software quality engineers, but as a resource for software development practitioners, project managers, organizational managers, other quality practitioners, and other professionals who need to understand the aspects of software quality that impact their work. It can also be used to benchmark their (or their organization’s) understanding and application of software quality principles and practices against what is considered a cross-industry “good practice” baseline. After all, taking stock of strengths and weaknesses, software engineers can develop proactive strategies to leverage software quality as a competitive advantage.

New software quality engineers can use this handbook to gain an understanding of their chosen profession. Experienced software quality engineers can use this handbook as a reference source when performing their daily work. It is also hoped that trainers and educators will use this handbook to help propagate software quality engineering knowledge to future software practitioners and managers. Finally, this handbook strives to establish a common vocabulary that software quality engineers, and others in their organizations can use to communicate about software and quality. Thus increasing the professionalism of the industry and eliminating the wastes that can result from ambiguity and misunderstandings.

CD-ROM Contents
List of Figures and Tables

Part I : General Knowledge
Chapter 1 :
A. Benefits of Software Quality Engineering within the Organization
Chapter 2 : B. Ethical and Legal Compliance
Chapter 3 : C. Standards and Models
Chapter 4 : D. Leadership Skills
Chapter 5 : E. Team Skills

Part II : Software Quality Management
Chapter 6 :
A. Quality Management System
Chapter 7 : B. Methodologies (for Quality Management)
Chapter 8 : C. Audits

Part III : Systems and Software Engineering Processes
Chapter 9 :
A. Life Cycles and Process Models
Chapter 10 : B. Systems Architecture
Chapter 11 : C. Requirements Engineering
Chapter 12 : D. Requirements Management
Chapter 13 : E. Software Analysis, Design, and Development
Chapter 14 : F. Maintenance Management

Part IV : Project Management
Chapter 15 :
A. Planning, Scheduling, and Deployment
Chapter 16 : B. Tracking and Controlling
Chapter 17 : C. Risk Management

Part V : Software Metrics and Analysis
Chapter 18 :
A. Process and Product Measurements
Chapter 19 : B. Analysis and Reporting Techniques

Part VI : Software Verification and Validation
Chapter 20 :
A. Theory (of V & V)
Chapter 21 : B. Test Planning and Design
Chapter 22 : C. Reviews and Inspections
Chapter 23 : D. Test Execution Documentation

Part VII : Software Configuration Management
Chapter 24 :
A. Configuration Infrastructure
Chapter 25 : B. Configuration Identification
Chapter 26 : C. Configuration Control and Status Accounting
Chapter 27 : D. Configuration Audits
Chapter 28 : E. Product Release and Distribution

Appendix A : Certified Software Quality Engineer (CSQE) Body of Knowledge

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