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TQM for Technical Groups: Total Quality Principles for Product Development

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Title: TQM for Technical Groups: Total Quality Principles for Product Development
Author: Kiyoshi Uchimaru, Susumu Okamoto
ISBN: 1563270056 / 9781563270055
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 281
Publisher: Productivity Press
Year: 1993
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Achieving total quality in product design and development is a daunting but essential goal for technical personnel. Much of what has been written about the tools and practice of total quality management is geared toward plant managers; this practical and unprecedented book was written especially for technical groups working to achieve total quality in product development.
Originally published by JUSE, the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers, the book includes an important case study of NEC IC Microcomputer Systems, a winner of the Deming Prize. The case study provides an inside look at the trials, errors, and ultimate sucess of NEC's TQM progrma. Techniques for motivating technical staff and an itemization of the advantages of NEC's design system are also presented. A separate section of the book addresses all the changes required in corporate management to institute TQM at the product design level. Step-by-Step instructions, with specific examples of each, show you how to plan, implement, and sustain an effective TQM program.

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Part I: TQM for Technical Groups
Chapter 1. The Background and Motivation for Introducing TQM
Chapter 2. Improving Design Quality at NIMS
Chapter 3. Promoting the TQM Program
Chapter 4. Fundamental Viewpoint of Design and Quality Assurance
Chapter 5. A Philosophy of Daily (Design) Management
Chapter 6. The present State of TQM at NIMS
Chapter 7. The Practice of TQM
Chapter 8. The Results of TQM
Chapter 9. The Results of TQM
Part II: The Fundamentals of TQM
Chapter 10. Strategic Management and TQM
Chapter 11. What Is Hoshin Management?
Chapter 12. How to Promote Hoshin Management
Chapter 13. How to Promote the President's Diagnosis

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