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Systems Engineering Focus on Business Architecture : Models, Methods, and Applications

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Title: Systems Engineering Focus on Business Architecture : Models, Methods, and Applications
Author: Sandra L. Furterer
ISBN: 1439837589 / 9781439837580
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 294
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2012
Availability: Out of Stock
  • Description

Still relatively new, yet increasingly important, the Business Architecture body of knowledge takes an enterprise view of business processes. Understanding the alignment between IT initiatives and the business strategies can ensure that resources of people, time, and money are applied appropriately. Written by Sandra L. Furterer, an expert with more than 18 years of process and quality improvement experience, Systems Engineering Focus on Business Architecture: Models, Methods, and Applications provides a straightforward manual for creating the Strategic Business Process Architecture in an organization.

Furterer has coined the term Strategic Business Process Architecture to emphasize the importance of defining and aligning to an organization’s business strategy as well as the need to leverage the organization’s processes to enable operational excellence. She details business architecture models, methods, and an application for developing business architecture that connects the business strategies and processes to the information systems architecture with a systems engineering focus. She also supplies a methodology for how to elicit the information to create business architecture. The book includes a business architecture Unified Modeling Language (UML) profile that enables the connectivity to the application and information architecture domains to the application solution. It also describes the evolution of business architecture and how business architecture enables an enterprise Lean Six Sigma program, process improvement, and the development of the organization’s Quality Management System.

The book discusses how to consistently create high-quality business architecture models and the resultant analysis that gives organizations the ability to optimize the enterprise and ensure alignment between the business strategies and the change initiatives. It defines the critical success factors that you can use to help your organization create and/or enhance its business architecture program.

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