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Systematic Safety Training

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Title: Systematic Safety Training
Author: Kingsley Hendrick
ISBN: 0824782380 / 9780824782382
Format: Hard Cover
Publisher: Marcel Dekker
Year: 1990
Availability: In Stock
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Matching safety concerns with management demands for increased productivity at lower costs, this informative reference traditional educational techniques for a comprehensive approach to workplace safety. It ensures that specific knowledge and skills requirements specified by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can be met while showing how safety can contribute to an organization'z immediate and long-term goals.
Systematic Safety Training bases training on the Instructional Systems Development (ISD) model so that organizations can coordinate safety with other training activities....explains how to integrate safety knowledge, skills, and attitudes into primary job training....highlights behavior modification...considers a wide variety of useful instructional methods, including demonstrations, role-playing, group disucssions, and synergogy....and provides detailed appendices with valuable, step-by-step instructions on training program implementation.
Complete with end-of-chapter exercises for classroom use or self-study, Systematic Safety Training is an authoritative resoruce for military, industrial, and government safety engineers and managers, accident investigators, industrial engineers and managers, training and industrial education professionals, and graduate and undergraduate students in safety engineering.


Chapter 1 : The Need for a Systematic Approach to Safety Training
Chapter 2 : System Concept for Safety Training
Chapter 3 : Defining the Needs for Safety Training
Chapter 4 : Instructional Strategies
Chapter 5 : Technical and Specialized Training
Chapter 6 : Task-Related Training
Chapter 7 : Work Group Development
Chapter 8 : Improving Work Group Outputs
Chapter 9 : Instructional Tactics
Chapter 10 : Willingness
Chapter 11 : The Environments of the Safety Training Program
Chapter 12 : Planning and Programming Safety Training
Chapter 13 : Marketing the Safety Program
Chapter 14 : Evaluation

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