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Systematic Analysis of Gear Failures

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Title: Systematic Analysis of Gear Failures
Author: Lester E. Alban
ISBN: 0871702002 / 9780871702005
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 232
Publisher: ASM International
Year: 1985
Availability: In Stock
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Explores the detailed steps necessary to determine the causes of failure. First, the physical characteristics of a gear are studied: where the stress points are, from what directions the forces are applied, where the movement of material progresses, and where strain patterns exist. Second, all external conditions and forces are considered. With this background information, a systematic examination is described from beginning to end, the end being a conclusion about the mode and cause of failure.


Chapter 1 : Basic Understanding of Gears
Chapter 2 : Basic Understanding of Environment
Chapter 3 : Systematic Examination
Chapter 4 : Modes of Gear Failure
Chapter 5 : Causes of Gear Failure
Chapter 6 : The Final Analysis
Chapter 7 : Writing The Report


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