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Structural Mechanics of Buried Pipes

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Title: Structural Mechanics of Buried Pipes
Author: Loren Runar Anderson, Reynold King Watkins
ISBN: 0849323959 / 9780849323959
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 464
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 2000
Availability: 2 to 3 weeks
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Buried pipes are a highly efficient method of transport. In fact, only open channels are less costly to construct. However, the structural mechanics of buried pipes can be complicated, and imprecisions in the properties of the soil envelope are usually too great to justify lengthy, complicated analyses. Designers and engineers need principles and methods that simplify analysis and maximize their knowledge of the pipe's performance and performance limits.
Structural Mechanics of Buried Pipes minimizes complicated theories, breaks through the imprecisions in the properties of soil, and presents principles that simplify analysis and lead to designs of higher performance and safety.
With knowledge built on experience, experimentation, and sound principles, the authors guide readers through the design and analysis processes. They use examples based on actual buried structures and analyze a variety of pipe-soil interaction problems.
Sound principles, plentiful examples, and a straightforward presentation provide an outstanding framework for hands-on application and an ideal self-study guide.

Analyzes a variety of pipe-soil interaction problems.
Uses examples from actual buried structures.
Introduces finite element analysis based on nonlinear soil properties
Includes examples and basic mechanics -serves as a self-study guide

Preliminary Ring Design
Ring Deformations
Soil Mechanics
Pipe Mechanics
Ring Stresses
Ring Deflection
Ring Stiffness
Non-Circular Cross Sections
Ring Stability
Encased Flexible Pipes
Rigid Pipes
Minimum Soil Cover
Longitudinal Mechanics
Thrust Restraints
Parallel Pipes and Trenches
Special Sections
Stress Analysis
Plastic Pipes
External Hydrostatistics
Buried Tanks and Silos
Leaks in Buried Pipes and Tanks
Long-Span Structures
Economics of Buried Tanks
Non-Circular Linings and Coatings
Analysis of Buried Structures by the Finite Element Method
Economics of Buried Pipes and Tanks

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