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Structural Engineering Handbook on CD-ROM

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Title: Structural Engineering Handbook on CD-ROM
Author: WWai-Fah Chen
ISBN: 0849397596 / 9780849397592
Format: CD ROM
Pages: 1559
Publisher: CRC Press
Year: 1999
Availability: In Stock
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From theory to practice - covering everything structural engineers need to know for working into the next millennium! Structural Engineering Handbook CRC netBASE is a complete resource for anyone involved in designing or building structures covering the spectrum of modern structural engineering topics. This CD addresses theoretical, practical, and computing aspects of the field - enabling the reader to review fundamentals, obtain detailed information on applications,or read about the most recent developments

  • Fundamentals - including basic theory, structural analysis using both classical and numerical methods, design of concrete and metal structures, composite construction, and earthquake engineering
  • Special Structures - including cold-formed steel, aluminum, and timber structures; bridge, building, and shell structures; and off-shore, tower, and space structures
  • Special Topics - including shock and seismic loading, underground pipes, connections, active and passive control, fatigue and fracture, and computer-aided analysis and design

Chapter 1 : Fundamentals : Basic Theory of Plates and Stability
Chapter 2 : Structural Analysis
Chapter 3 : Structural Steel Design
Chapter 4 : Earthquake Engineering
Chapter 5 : Composite Construction
Chapter 6 : Special Structures : Cold-Formed Steel Structures
Chapter 7 : Aluminum Structures
Chapter 8 : Timber Structures
Chapter 9 : Bridge Structures
Chapter 10 : Shell Structures
Chapter 11 : Multi-Story Frame Structures
Chapter 12 : Space Frame Structures
Chapter 13 : Cooling Tower Structures
Chapter 14 : Transmission Structures
Chapter 15 : Special Topics : Performance-Based Seismic Design Criteria for Bridges
Chapter 16 : Effective Length Factor of Compression Members
Chapter 17 : Stub-Girder Floor Systems
Chapter 18 : Plate and Box Girders
Chapter 19 : Steel Bridge Construction
Chapter 20 : Basic Principles of Shock Loading
Chapter 21 : Welded Connections
Chapter 22 : Composite Connections
Chapter 23 : Fatigue and Fracture
Chapter 24 : Underground Pipe
Chapter 25 : Structural Reliability
Chapter 26 : Passive Energy Dissipation and Active Control
Chapter 27 : An Innovative Design for Steel Frame Using Advanced Analysis
Chapter 28 : Tubular Connections Welded - CHS Trusses

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