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Statistical Process Control (SPC), 2nd Edition

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Title: Statistical Process Control (SPC), 2nd Edition
Author: AIAG
ISBN: 1605341088 / 9781605341088
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 233
Publisher: AIAG
Year: 2005
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Describes several basic statistical methods associated with statistical process control and process capability analysis. SPC is used to measure the effectiveness of equipment used in manufacturing processes. Process will help supplier ensure that quality parts are being produced and eliminate waste in the manufacturing environment.

Foreword Edition I
Acknowledgement Edition I
Foreword Edition II
Acknowledgement Edition II

Chapter I : Continual Improvement and Statistical process Control
Chapter I : Section A : Prevention Versus Detection
Chapter I : Section B : A Process Control System
Chapter I : Section C : Variation: Common and Special Causes
Chapter I : Section D : Local Actions and Actions on the System
Chapter I : Section E : Process Control and Process Capability Control vs. Capability
Chapter I : Section F : The Process Improvement Cycle and Process Control
Chapter I : Section G : Control Charts: Tools for Process Control and Improvement
Chapter I : Section H : Effective Use and Benefits of Control Charts
Chapter II : Control Charts
Chapter II : Section A : Control Chart Process, Preparatory Steps
Chapter II : Section B : Defining “Out-of-Control” Signals, Point Beyond a Control Limit
Chapter II : Section C : Control Chart Formulas Variables Control Charts Average and Range Charts (X, R)
Chapter III : Other Types of Control Charts Introduction
Chapter IV : Understanding Process Capability and Process Performance for Variables Data
Chapter IV : Section A : Description of Process Terms Process Measures for Predictable Processes
Chapter IV : Section B : Description of Conditions Handling Non-Normal and Multivariate Distributions
Chapter IV : Section C : Suggested Use of Process Measures

Appendix A : Some Comments on Sampling Effects of Subgrouping
Appendix B : Some Comments on Special Causes Over-Adjustment
Appendix C : Selection Procedure for the Use of the Control Charts Described in This Manual
Appendix D : Relationship Between Cpm and Other Indices
Appendix E : Table of Constants and Formulas for Control Charts
Appendix F : Capability Index Calculations Example Data Set:
Appendix G : Glossary of Terms and Symbols Terms Used in This Manual
Appendix H : References and Suggested Readings
Appendix I : Standard Normal Tables

S.P.C. Manual User Feedback Process

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