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Specifications for the Chemical and Process Industries: A Manual for Development and Use

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Title: Specifications for the Chemical and Process Industries: A Manual for Development and Use
Author: ASQ Chemical and Process Industries Division, Chemical Interest Committee
ISBN: 0873893514 / 9780873893510
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 183
Publisher: ASQ
Year: 1996
Availability: Out of Stock
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Designed to clarify the interpretations of specifications in the chemical and process industries, this valuable reference can be used to negotiate, operate, and establish specifications. An actual process for setting specifications is outlined that will help alleviate conflicts that occur during the negotiation of specifications.

This manual is especially beneficial for all quality, engineering, and manufacturing personnel who need to establish specifications for the chemical and process industries and their suppliers.

Philosophy of Specifications

Part I : The Specification System
Chapter 1 : The Specification System
Chapter 2 : Types of Specifications
Chapter 3 : Generalized Content of a Specification
Chapter 4 : Specification Review and Approval Processes
Chapter 5 : Document Control

Part II : Development of the Specification
Chapter 6 : Selection of Requirements
Chapter 7 : Specification Values-Targets and Limits
Chapter 8 : Specification Alignment
Chapter 9 : Test Methods and Measurement Processes

Part III : Data Collection, Evaluation, and Use
Chapter 10 : Variability Issues
Chapter 11 : Sampling Plans
Chapter 12 : Decisions Based on Data
Chapter 13 : Statistics for Decisions Based on Data
Chapter 14 : Negotiating Specification Limits
Chapter 15 : Capability and Performance Measures

Part IV : Using Specifications
Chapter 16 : Conformance Decisions
Chapter 17 : Product Sorting
Chapter 18 : Resampling and Retesting
Chapter 19 : Waivers

Part V : Moving Ahead
Chapter 20 : Supplier, Producer, and Customer Relations
Chapter 21 : Change Management
Chapter 22 : Data Sharing
Chapter 23 : Communication Methods

Part VI : Case Study
Chapter 24 : A Case Study
Exhibit A : The OC Curve for Seal Strength


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