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Solar, Wind and Land : Conflicts in Renewable Energy Development

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Title: Solar, Wind and Land : Conflicts in Renewable Energy Development
Author: Troy A. Rule
ISBN: 0415520479 / 9780415520478
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 236
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2014
Availability: 45-60 days
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The global demand for clean, renewable energy has rapidly expanded in recent years and will likely continue to escalate in the decades to come. Wind and solar energy systems often require large quantities of land and airspace, so their growing presence is generating a diverse array of new and challenging land use conflicts. Wind turbines can create noise, disrupt views or radar systems, and threaten bird populations. Solar energy projects can cause glare effects, impact pristine wilderness areas, and deplete water resources. Developers must successfully navigate through these and myriad other land use conflicts to complete any renewable energy project. Policymakers are increasingly confronted with disputes over these issues and are searching for rules to effectively govern them. Tailoring innovative policies to address the unique conflicts that arise in the context of renewable energy development is crucial to ensuring that the law facilitates rather than impedes the continued growth of this important industry.

This book describes and analyses the property and land use policy questions that most commonly arise in renewable energy development. Although it focuses primarily on issues that have arisen within the United States, the book’s discussions of international policy differences and critiques of existing approaches make it a valuable resource for anyone exploring these issues in a professional setting anywhere in the world.

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Chapter 1 : Economic and Legal Principles in Renewable Energy Development Policy
Chapter 2 : Wind Farms Vs. Neighbors
Chapter 3 : Wind Energy Vs. Wind Energy : Turbine Wake Interference
Chapter 4 : Renewable Energy Vs. Wildlife Conservation
Chapter 5 : Solar Energy Vs. Shade
Chapter 6 : Renewable Energy Vs. Cultural Preservation
Chapter 7 : Renewable Energy Vs. the Electric Grid
Chapter 8 : Overcoming Obstacles in Wind Energy Development: A Case Study
Chapter 9 : The Role of Innovation

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