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Solar Cooling : The Earthscan Expert Guide to Solar Cooling Systems

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Title: Solar Cooling : The Earthscan Expert Guide to Solar Cooling Systems
Author: Paul Kohlenbach, Uli Jakob
ISBN: 0415639751 / 9780415639750
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 208
Publisher: Routledge
Year: 2014
Availability: In Stock
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Cooling buildings is a major global energy consumer and the energy requirement is growing year by year. This guide to solar cooling technology explains all you need to know about how solar energy can be converted into cooling energy. It outlines the difference between heat-driven and photovoltaic-driven systems and gives examples of both, making clear in what situations solar cooling technology makes sense. It includes chapters on:

  • solar thermal collectors
  • solar cooling technologies
  • cold distribution
  • storage components
  • designing and sizing
  • installation, operation and maintenance
  • economic feasibility
  • potential markets
  • case studies.

Solar Cooling is for engineers, architects, consultancies, solar thermal technology companies, students and anyone who is interested in getting involved with this technology.

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Chapter 1 : Introduction
Chapter 2 : Solar Thermal Collectors
Chapter 3 : Solar Cooling Technologies
Chapter 4 : Cold Distribution
Chapter 5 : Storage in Solar Thermal Cooling Systems
Chapter 6 : Designing and Sizing Solar Cooling Systems
Chapter 7 : Installation, Operation and Maintenance
Chapter 8 : Economic Feasibility
Chapter 9 : Potential Markets for Solar Thermal Cooling Systems
Chapter 10 : Case Studies
Chapter 11 : Glossary
Chapter 12 : Sources of Further Information


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