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Software Quality and Software Testing in Internet Times

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Title: Software Quality and Software Testing in Internet Times
Author: A, B.; Pouw Kraan, D.; Laibarra, Meyerhoff, R.v.d.; Wallet
ISBN: 3540426329 / 9783540426325
Format: Soft Cover
Pages: 307
Publisher: Springer Verlag
Year: 2002
Availability: In Stock
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This publication deals with two major software quality management challenges. The first one is how to deliver a software product within a competitive time frame and with a adequate quality to the customer. The second one concerns how to best deal with the growing complexity of software applications using today's technology including client-server, internet, and legacy systems. Due to faster development cycles the quality of an application has to be monitored during operation, since the usage of the application and the technology around it might change from day-to-day. This book compiles experiences from different industries and perspectives. Its goal is to give practical insights into high-tech software development projects of today.


Systems Development in Internet Times-Overview and Perspectives
Part I : Managing for Optimal Time to Market
Chapter 1 : Managing High-Speed Web Testing
Chapter 2 : Using QA for Risk Management in Web Projects
Chapter 3 : Establishing Quality Procedures for Incremental Software Development

Part II : Processes
Chapter 4 : Designing Processes for User-Oriented Quality Engineering
Chapter 5 : Using Extreme Programming to Manage High-Risk Projects Successfully
Chapter 6 : Adapting the Test Process for Web Applications-Strategies from Practice

Part III : Testing from the User’s Perspective
Chapter 7 : Business-Oriented Testing in E-Commerce
Chapter 8 : Strategic Testing: Focus on the Business
Chapter 9 : Low-Cost Usability Testing
Chapter 10 : Quality Aspects of Bots

Part IV : Technical Testing
Chapter 11 : Securing E-Business
Chapter 12 : Website Performance Monitoring
Chapter 13 : Applying a Control Loop for Performance Testing and Tuning
Chapter 14 : Software Quality Assessments for System, Architecture, Design and Code
Chapter 15 : “The Back-End Side of Web Testing”: Integration of Legacy Systems

Part V : Test Automation Techniques and Tools
Chapter 16 : Automated Testing of mySAP Business Processes

Part VI : Appendix
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