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Small Electric Motors

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Title: Small Electric Motors
Author: Helmut Moczala, Helmut Schock and Siegfried Tillner, Hermann Krau, Jurgen Draeger
ISBN: 085296921X / 9780852969212
Format: Hard Cover
Pages: 307
Publisher: IEE
Year: 1998
Availability: Out of Stock
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Small electric motors of up to 1kW output power are central to a large number of engineering applications and are installed as drive elements in many types of consumer and industrial equipment. This book, a translation from German, addresses those involved with specifying, developing, manufacturing or marketing small motors. It covers the various function principles of small motors, including rotating field machines, commutator machines, recent developments in the use of electronics in motors and the relationship between the motor and its driven load.

Chapter 1 : Drives with small motors
Chapter 2 : Operation of the multiphase induction motor
Chapter 3 : Operation and application of polyphase induction motors
Chapter 4 : Shaded-pole induction motors
Chapter 5 : Synchronous motors
Chapter 6 : Universal motors
Chapter 7 : Direct current motors
Chapter 8 : Electronic circuits for small electric motors
Chapter 9 : Brushless direct current motors
Chapter 10 : Stepper motor principles and applications
Chapter 11 : Measurements in small drive systems
Chapter 12 : Vibration and noise problems in small drives


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