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Safety of Machinery (Three Volume Set)

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Title: Safety of Machinery (Three Volume Set)
Author: DIN
ISBN: 3410134735 / 9783410134732
Format: Spiral Bound
Pages: 2112
Publisher: DIN
Year: 1998
Availability: In Stock
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In responses to the needs of an evolving single European market, new criteria for the safety of machinery have been laid down in a complex collection of laws and regulations. The central document in this collection is the so-called “Machinery Directive” (Council Directive 89/392/EEC) which provides for essential safety requirements. These requirements must be adopted as national law by Member States of the European Union. Finally, these pro-visions form the basis of product-specific, harmonized European Standards.
With the help of this comprehensive guide, your path will be smooth going. It is written by a team of specialist contributors under the editorship of the German Institute for Standardization, or “DIN” and the International Section Machine Safety of the ISSA.
The guide is addressed to all those concerned with the safety of machinery, including designers, manufacturs, dealers and owners of machinery, as well as consumer protection organizations, occupational health and safety authorities and other technical professionals.

Section ONE
• Overview of new European legislation and standards on the safety of machinery
• Step -by-step to the design, manufacture and marketing of a safe machine
• Useful addresses
Section TWO
• The provisions of the EC Treaty relevant to the Directives
(89/392/EEC, 83/44/EEC and 93/68/EEC)
• Where to find other related directives
• EC declaration of conformity and EC type examination
• Complete texts of the Machinery Directive and related directives
Section THREE
• Overviews of harmonized European Standards
• Summaries of related European Standards
• Complete texts of EN 292 Parts 1 and 2 other related EN’s

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